AI solutions for translation and content creation

Use AI to reduce your lead times and costs. We create and translate content using AI. We use solutions such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Dall-E.

Machine Translate

Machine Translation

The world of effective e-commerce is moving more rapidly than ever before. When time is at a premium for companies reaching out to new markets, machine translation is invaluable. Depending on the text, the translation may still need to be refined by a human translator. So what makes machine translation crucial for your business?

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Translation entails a lot more than simply translating word for word. Here at Contentor, we ensure that your translated texts exceed mediocrity and being merely understandable. We make sure the end result is superb.

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Content drives traffic. Great content creates a loyal audience. With e-commerce’s unique copywriting needs, such as category and product texts, newsletters, blog posts, articles, opt-ins, online campaigns and promotional materials Contentor helps hundreds of companies create tailored content solutions for international e-commerce.

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Automated workflows

Custom integration allows you to conveniently have content creation and translation features on your digital platform: you can send, collect, and publish online texts directly on your e-commerce platform or CMS with just one click… and sometimes even less.

Skip long email conversations, exporting files, and copy-pasting everything. Use the power of automation to deliver your content directly to our project management team. Once this happens, Contentor takes care of everything.


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guaranteed customer satisfaction

Contentor provides 1000+ customers with tailored and localized content

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“We were looking for a partner who is fast, sharp-eyed and positive, and we found all that in Contentor. They have a fantastic problem-solving mentality and are always fast and reliable.”

– Eva Lindewall, Nordic Choice Hotels

“Contentor has always understood our needs and the best way to write our content. They are flexible with their solutions and easy to work with.”

– Filip Klasson,

“We are extremely satisfied with Contentor. The setup was smooth and flexible. There are no bad points at all.”

– Andreas Wedberg, Räckesbutiken

“Straight away Contentor left a good and personable impression, and they have been very easy and smooth to work with.”

– Anton Hällström, Addnature

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