Our promises

It’s our mission to make you, our customer, feel confident with Contentor as a supplier of your e-commerce texts and translations. We offer our promises for efficient and high-quality services, and comprehensive platforms.

Satisfied Customer
Every Contentor customer should be a satisfied customer. This means that you only pay for the services and orders that you are satisfied with. Should you experience that final texts do not live up to your expectations set by the test texts, we will immediately correct the issue.

Dedicated Contact
You will always have contact with the same project manager at Contentor with communication via email or phone. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings, and creates an easy line of communication to solve any problems.

While we attempt to service our customers’ special requests in the best possible way, we do guarantee delivery based on expectations that are set when the orders are placed.

We claim no copyrights on the texts we deliver to our customers – it is up to you to decide how you will use the texts. Our writers privately agree to waive copyright the moment they commit themselves to a customer assignment through Contentor.

We minimise manual work
With our automated API and plugins, you can quickly and easily download and publish your web texts directly into your e-commerce platform or CMS. Read more about Contentor GO!

Not just translation, but localisation
Our translators work in their own native language and are aware of the linguistic differences and nuances of a particular language. Thus, we can ensure that the texts we produce are set in the correct context for the desired language and audience, by using native-level diction.

We follow clear guidelines for each specific language
All writers follow defined rules regarding quotes, source criticism and correct language. The writers write with active spelling check and run through defined processes for proofreading their texts before delivery.

We use dedicated proofreaders
To ensure that there are no concerns about language errors, we proofread, edit, and correct all texts before delivering them to you.

We care about privacy
You can buy your articles, blog posts, etc. without it ever being known that Contentor’s writers produced them. We then never reveal identity or performed assignments without approval.

Agreement icon highlighting USP argument100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Agreement icon highlighting USP argumentNot only Translation but also Localisation
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