5 tips – How to write good product texts

One of the most important components to running successful e-commerce is good product texts. This is hardly new information; most people know that successful product texts can make the difference between good and bad e-commerce. The question remains: how should one go about choosing what to put on the web page? Here are some simple tips from us here at Contentor.

“Could make the difference between purchase and no purchase”

Your product texts can be crucial to your sales. Either you turn your visitors into customers or they promptly leave your page. Additionally, well-written product texts can increase your ranking on Google’s search results as well as strengthen your company’s image.

“That product texts are important is common knowledge. It isn’t enough for a text to adequately and informatively describe the product. It also needs to provide product context, to be convincing and inspiring. A good product text can make the difference between purchase and no purchase”, says Dennis Persson, writer at Contentor.

Clarity, speed and adapted content

In order to lead your target group of potential customers to your web page, you need to use keywords in your product texts. Using keywords will give relevant content, which in turn leads to better sales opportunities. Dennis explains:

“While clarity and fast product pages certainly are important, we also know that product page content affects how customers perceive a company. At Contentor we work with writing, translating and localising product texts – we efficiently deliver the right text to the right market”.

Localise more – and reach the intended target group directly

Every language has its own linguistic and cultural norms – a fact a translator must take into account and adjust to. By localising, i. e. adjusting the text to the local conditions, the correct target group is reached in a correct way.

“A language is never static but is constantly evolving, sometimes in unexpected ways. In the past ten years, we have learned that linguistic expertise is not necessarily enough for a good translation. An understanding of the people and the existing culture on the market in question is essential. This is something that we are passionate about and know inside and out” says Rabie Salem, CEO at Contentor.

Our 5 tips – keep these in mind


Well-written product texts give the seller higher credibility while simultaneously giving the customer security in their decision.


The style of your texts should be informative and correct, but it should also reflect your business. What do you stand for and how would you like for that to be shown in your texts?


In order to drive potential customers to your site, it is important to use keywords in your texts. It is also important for these texts to have a reasonable length, at least over 100 words per product text. This way, the texts are long enough for Google to understand and interpret the content accurately.


While every product text should be unique, it is still important to find a common thread. This can be done by having a standard layout, for instance, to make it easier for the client to find the right information. Bullet lists, paragraph division and subheadings make the texts easier to read.


Build your text up from the start and end it with a call to action, a CTA. It could be anything from “buy” to “more information” – just something you would like for the reader of the text to do.

Would you like to have some help writing, translating or localising your product texts? Contact us today, and we will take it from there!

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