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Fashion giant NA-KD: “Through our localisation efforts we meet the customers the right way”

The fashion company NA-KD continues to grow exponentially. Both 2018 and 2019 were strong years, and we aim to continue to make new leaps this year. We had a chat with Jonatan Johansson, Growth Manager at NA-KD. What is the secret to your success, and how important is the local language for a market and what challenges does the industry face?

“Our clients mean everything to us”

The Gothenburg based fashion company NA-KD has made an incredible journey since its launch in 2016. Today, it is one of 20 fastest growing businesses in Europe and is leading both fashion and e-commerce.

Ever since the launch four years ago, NA-KD has chosen to concentrate intently on the customer experience. With a customer-centred philosophy, their goal is to offer as good of a shopping experience as possible. NA-KD’s Growth Manager Jonatan Johansson expands on this point:

“At NA-KD, the customer is always our top priority. Due to the fact that we are at the forefront of digital trends in addition to our strong social media presence, we can offer the best shopping experience – both online and offline.”

Adapted content paves the way for the future

NA-KD is currently working with Contentor to create category texts for their web page. Jonatan stresses the importance of adapting one’s content to the market in question:

“Through our localisation efforts we meet the customers the right way. Contentor is a premium partner that offers translations and content in several languages. It is a given for us to work with them in order to secure the best possible experience for our customers.”

But how do you know what works and what doesn’t? One of the most important lessons that NA-KD has learned throughout the years is to continuously test its business model. Jonatan is of the opinion that the company will evolve because of this, both long- and short-term:

“Our investments in IT, business intelligence and expansion team continue to bear fruit and improve our processes. We are constantly working to get better and to always focus on creating the optimal customer experience.”

What challenges are they facing?

Working in the fashion industry also poses quite a few challenges. It can be a handful to create engaging content on all channels – both for user and marketing purposes. Therefore, it is important that the content is both correct and adapted for its target audience. This is where NA-KD cooperates with Contentor to translate and localise product names and category texts in the best possible way.

Another challenge centres around sustainability. Questions regarding the environment, climate and how to work with sustainability are important and something NA-KD works with according to clear guidelines. Jonatan explains how the company views the issue:

“Sustainability is an important part of our vision and a vital part of our future operation. It is also a huge challenge that the entire industry is facing.”

NA-KD recently announced that they’ve begun compensating for damage done to the climate whilst engaging in all customer deliveries. It is about compensating for the carbon dioxide emissions that arise in connection with deliveries to and from the company’s customers. The new policy aims to create more sustainable e-commerce.

Contentor helps NA-KD translate and localise category texts and product names for several different languages. Learn more about NA-KD or contact Contentor if you are curious about how we can help you with your content.

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