Full service agency Viva Media: “We see the big picture of the business”

Traditional agencies are increasingly challenged by competitors who can offer a larger variety of services and approaches. With ever more complex communication challenges, one has to be an expert in one’s field, whilst at the same time being able to grasp the big picture. Viva Media is a full-service marketing company with a clear goal in mind – to simplify the lives of its customers. We talked to Ricky Pettersson, Head of SEO, about why the agency was founded, the typical client and the importance of combining soft and hard values.

Marketing with an eye for the big picture

Viva Media is one of the Nordic countries’ largest digital marketing agencies. In addition to the head office in Uppsala, they have offices in Kalmar, Stockholm and Oslo. Ricky Pettersson works as Head of SEO at Viva Media and explains why the company was created:

“The idea for Viva Media was based on the fact that we saw a palpable challenge for the customers, where many of them had several different agencies as suppliers. We wanted to sit next to each customer and find the right focus straight away”.

“The complexity of the customer journey has increased significantly”

Today, the industry is constantly changing. This means that the work methods differ compared to just a few years ago when Viva Media was founded. Customers are more familiar with the process, which facilitates discussions as the clients generally have a greater understanding of the fact that digital marketing is important and that it is worth spending money on.

“The industry is very different compared to what it was when we were founded. As society is digitalised, the complexity of the customer journey has increased significantly and more people must, or want to, enlist the help of experts”.

Seeing the broad view of every business is something Ricky often falls back on when he responds. He believes that from a customer perspective, it is important to find a full-service agency that helps to zoom out to see the problem from a greater perspective. He expands:

“Few agencies are truly unique, but we believe that companies are searching high and low for an agency they can trust and that possess the right expertise. We help customers see the big picture of the business and develop strategies based on that”.

Ricky Pettersson, Head of SEO at Viva Media.

People + data = true

The typical company that turns to Viva Media is in need of growth in some way. It can be anything from taking their first steps out into the digital landscape to improve their marketing to hit bullseye with the customer journey.

Viva Media has extensive experience and substantial knowledge of everything digital. Despite this, soft values ​​are always highly valued by the company. It’s said that one is driven by data and results, but governed by the heart. It is people and relationships that drive the company forward, Ricky says:

“Customers are looking for a full-service agency that can show results and that manage to deliver what they claim to be able to deliver. We are convinced that if we always have the right skills and tools at hand, we can solve each customer’s challenges in a personalised and customised way. The right employee in the right place is incredibly important to us”.

Contentor helps Viva Media to translate, localise and produce content in both Swedish and Norwegian. Click on www.vivamedia.se to find out more about the company, or contact us at Contentor if you are curious about how we can help you with your content.

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