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Gents: “By translating our site, we have tripled our sales in Denmark”

The Helsingborg-based company Gents is a market and cultural leader for male lifestyle products in the Nordic region. With Sweden and Norway as their largest markets, it soon became time for the lifestyle company to set their sights westwards: they’ll take the ferry across the strait to win over Denmark through a collaboration with Contentor as their content partner.

The vision and strategy behind their success

In 2003, Jenny Rydhström and her cousins ​​sat down and decided to become entrepreneurs — their breakthrough enterprise was Gents and the rest is lifestyle history: the company has annual sales exceeding 70 million SEK with e-commerce accounting for 53 million SEK. Sofie Okstad, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Gents, highlights the company’s most essential values:

“Gents is a leader in the Nordic region when it comes to male lifestyle products and therefore the meaning of masculinity is an important issue for us. To this end, our most important values are: customer value, quality, expertise, passion, authenticity and courage,” remarked Sofie.

Having a content plan sounds good, but it’s not always so easy to create one that works. Gents is clearly working strategically when it comes to their content. Sofie continued:

“We work in two different ways with our content strategy. On the one hand, we have a longer-term plan for how our message will be transmitted and communicated; on the other hand, we have a shorter-term plan. The short-term plan is obviously much more agile as we shape and direct it three months at a time so that it is always adapting to the market and constantly up to date.”

Expanding to the Danish Market: Opportunities and Challenges

Stepping into a new market is a major decision that calls for extensive analysis. Sofie explains:

“We are a market leader in the Nordic region for male lifestyle products so when we were choosing our next market, we undertook a great deal of analysis before committing our resources. We are already big in Norway and Sweden, and so we decided on Denmark because of its size and demographics.”

Opportunities come with challenges, however, and Sofie emphasizes that there are significant differences in the consumer culture of Denmark as opposed to Sweden and Norway. To address these challenges, Gents believes that localized content is crucial to communicating with the target markets.

“Localization is extremely important, especially in the Danish market. We believe that the Danish target groups appreciate the difference. We travelled to Copenhagen and used localized images so that the target groups would recognize our shared values through these localizations. The Danes like to shop locally and in places that have earned their trust so it is important to have a properly localized and professional tone in all of our media.”

When Gents planned to enter the Danish market, Contentor was chosen as their content partner after previous successful collaborations together. Sofie and Gents value Contentor’s approach to building a long-term relationship with their customers and clients.

“We have used Contentor in the past for smaller projects. When it came time for this larger investment, we solicited several quotes to compare them, but in the end Contentor suited us best. On the one hand, it is also a Helsingborg-based company, but most importantly Contentor is just as flexible and agile as we are; they also want to build a long-term relationship with us, which we really appreciate.”

Benefits and ROI of Localization

Website localization for a new language market can be a smart investment for international success. Sofie explains how localization has bolstered Gent’s sales:

“Just by translating our site we have tripled our sales in Denmark.”

Gents experienced numerous advantages in moving away from in-house translations and delegating content creation to a trusted partner. Not only has it optimized their time and content, they can work confidently knowing that they will have high-quality content delivered to them every time. Sofie affirms why Contentor was a good strategic choice in terms of quality, reliability and efficiency:

“Outsourcing content to Contentor frees up time and space for Gents to take on other tasks. We feel that Contentor takes the customer experience seriously and delivers quality content. They are a partner who cares about us and wants to grow with us.”

After the success of this major collaboration, Sofie is certain that Gents will continue working with Contentor as their content partner, especially as translation is an essential element for kick-starting momentum in new markets.

Contentor is currently helping Gents localize content for the Danish market. Learn more about Gents or contact us if you are curious about how we can help you with your content.

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