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Get started quickly with Tone of Voice – we will give you a ready-made template!

Having a clear philosophy about one’s Tone of Voice is becoming increasingly important for companies, but unfortunately, it does not always end up at the top of the list of priorities. Do you have a Tone of Voice today? Good! Don’t have one? Don’t worry, we give you a ready-made template to start from right here – quick, easy and efficient!

What is Tone of Voice?

If you work in marketing or e-commerce, you have probably heard of Tone of Voice, or ToV, perhaps one too many times. But what is it and why should you use it?

A brand’s Tone of Voice is the way your company expresses itself, not only orally but also in writing. It’s not just about what you say, but also the way you say it – regardless of platform. You simply decide what Tone of Voice your communication should have and write it down so that you can follow it easily in all situations.

Why Tone of Voice is important – we list 5 reasons

Having and using a Tone of Voice can generate several major benefits for a company.


A clear ToV that shows what communication should be like is an easy way to build trust. With a Tone of Voice you have the opportunity to decide on the company’s values ​​and how these should be reflected in the communication outwards – make it work to your advantage and take the opportunity to connect with your customers! A ToV that shows your personality suggests self-confidence, authority and that what you say has value.


With a consistent Tone of Voice, the target audience hears and sees a person – no matter when and how they talk to you. This makes the customer feel secure and comfortable in the situation which means that you get an opportunity to build a long-term relationship.


People like to deal with people. Simply put, we like brands with a personality that we can relate to bond with. A ToV can help an organisation to act in an authentic and clear way in relation to its customers.


If you have an established ToV, everyone knows what to say and how to say it. There is thus no need to make detours or to hesitate in one’s communication. The work leading up to an established Tone of Voice is also educational; it turns over many rocks and explores which way you want Your company to go.


More and more content is produced, which means that standing out from the crowd requires more and more effort. Much of the content seen today has no clear voice. A distinct Tone of Voice means being associated with what you want and getting people to perceive you in a certain way. Consciously choosing to present some characteristics and sticking to them in all situations will make you stand out in the market. Do you have a unique company? Let it show with a unique ToV!

Did you know?

  • In a survey, 65% of respondents said they are emotionally tied to a brand in a way that makes them feel that the company cares about them. In the same survey, 64% believed that shared values ​​are the primary reason to trust a company. The average revenue increases by 23% when a brand is presented in a uniform manner.

Source: Semrush, 2019

Tone of Voice template – answer the questions and start your journey today!

Below you will find a simple yet ample template that will help you get started with your Tone of Voice. Take a few minutes, either on your own or with your colleagues, and discuss the points. What does your company want to be associated with and how should the company express itself? Share the completed template with employees and possible partners so that everyone knows the rules.

[Sample answer to be replaced]

SHORT TEXT ABOUT THE COMPANY: [Distinguished company that encapsulates tradition and quality. We design and produce timeless clothes with a twist.]

PURPOSE: [To be perceived as trendy and classy.]

TONE OF VOICE: [Premium and quality.]

KEYWORDS / KEYWORDS: [High quality, premium materials, perfection.]

LINGUISTIC DETAILS: [Soft, feminine, British rather than American Tone of Voice. We are all about casual, not leisure.]

DO’S / DON’TS: [Not SALE and not cheap. Rather use “affordable”.]

SEO: [SEO analysis complete. Use keywords 2-3 times per text / SEO analysis not completed but use the keywords mentioned above generously.]

OTHER: [Localises currency.]

SAMPLE TEXT: Finally, it is a good idea to present a sample text that you are proud of and that you want the company to be associated with. It clarifies how you wish to be perceived.

Want to know more about how we incorporate Tone of Voice in our daily work? Or would you like help with writing, translating or localising texts? Contact us today, and we’ll take it from there!

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