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Launch a fully automated localised site with Magento module from Contentor

The e-commerce specialist translation and content company, Contentor, has now launched a module for the e-commerce platform Magento. With this module you can, with just a push of a button, translate or create entirely automated, SEO-adapted content, all without administration. The module is available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2.

The translation and content company Contentor has over 500 writers, translators and proofreaders who handle over 25 different languages. Additionally, there is a growing offering in machine translation and various forms of advanced content creation, which allows you to internationalise your e-commerce faster than ever, in a cost-effective way.

About Magento module

For a couple of years now, Contentor has also been offering its customers integration via an API, enabling all content creation and translation to be done without any administration. Many of Sweden’s fastest growing e-commerce companies (e.g. Partykungen and Sportamore) use Contentor via API integration, thereby scaling out into many markets, quickly and fully automated.

Contentor has now created a ready-made module for all the e-retailers who have Magento as their e-commerce platform, which means that with the help of a simple installation of the module, they can benefit from all the opportunities the API offers. Full automation of translations of e.g. product texts, product categories and other content, as well as the option to create unique content from scratch. As always, both the translation and content creation are SEO optimised, unique and proofread.

“After 10 years specialising in the content and translation needs of e-commerce companies, we have a pretty good grasp of what can be optimised, made more effective and save money, but also how to reach a wider audience more quickly. It has truly been an incredible success for our customers who use our APIs, both in terms of efficiency and cost savings, but also by the degree of sophistication whereby they have even managed to make it much smarter. That’s why it feels really great to be able to offer this to all the hundreds of thousands of Magento dealers the whole world over, who, with an off-the-shelf module, will be able to go from copy-pasting in Word documents and manual processes, to being sophisticated and automated with both content creation and translation,” says Rabie Salem, CEO of Contentor.

Contentor is especially pleased to be able to launch the Magento module during the coronavirus crisis, as it can help e-retailers to not only make cost savings faster – but also to be able to invest out of the crisis.

“We, like everyone else, are worried during these coronavirus times, and recognise how our customers are struggling with cost savings and efficiencies, as well as drawing on investments for e.g. internationalisation. With the help of our Magento module, we hope to be a small part of the solution for e-retailers who need to do more, partly because we can replace many of the processes that were previously done manually, but we can also cost-effectively help the continuation of internationalisation, despite fewer resources and tougher cost savings,” says Rabie Salem, CEO of Contentor.

Key features:

  • – Translations of product texts
  • – Version management
  • – Automatic import of localised products
  • – Auto enable on import
  • – Send context with orders
  • – Full order overview
  • – Login to individual product/category page
  • – Report overview for order status

Documentation and more info about the Magento module.

Visual materials for media.

Get in touch with us:

Rabie Salem, CEO of Contentor
0723 – 222 657

About Contentor:

Contentor specialises in translation and content creation for e-commerce companies. With e-commerce’s unique requirements in mind, such as fast deliveries, SEO customisation, automation and high sophistication of metadata, Contentor helps hundreds of customers with content and translations. The company is headquartered in Helsingborg, Sweden and is owned by a group of serial entrepreneurs in e-commerce including Dan Nilsson (Roligaprylar, Fyndiq et al.), Karsten Deppert (Mindpark, Rescued Fruits et al.), Anton Johansson (Headler, Grebban et al.), Filip Larsson (Tilf, Storytel et al.), Stefan Mahlstein (Pineberry, Wordon et al.) and others. Some of Contentor’s customers are NA-KD, Sportamore, CDON, Orkla, Gents, Party Kungen, Footway and Safira.

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