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Contentor CEO unveils new investments in human capital and technology

Contentor is thrilled to announce a new growth strategy aimed at rediscovering the content and translation industry that will power its expansion plans over the next 1,000 days. Central to this strategy is the robust investment in and development of human capital and implementation of innovative and customer-centric technological solutions.

Rabie Salem, CEO, Contentor

Contentor is committed to developing industry-leading customer-centric technological content solutions for now and the future.” – Rabie Salem, CEO

Recruitment of seven high-level professionals to expand the core team

Investment in human capital correlates with growth in skills and knowledge, which, in turn, will spur a higher level of service and operational efficiency. More importantly, such changes will trigger a culture of innovation that will revolutionise the growing Nordic copywriting and translation landscape.

In line with that, as well as Rediscovering Contentor’s focus on smart scalability, we feel that strengthening our core team with high-level professionals is critical. As such, since September 2020, we have brought in seven specialists with proven credentials in the industry.

Olle Hyberg, Head of Sales & Partnerships

Olle Hyberg, Head Of Sales And Partnership

Contentor spent a year courting the former Chief Networking Officer of Jetshop. The reason is simple: Olle has made the journey before and he understands what our customers and partners need. He is a proven talent who has developed and implemented successful long-term offline and online strategies prior to this.

Jonas Belhaj, Key Account Manager

Jonas Belhaj, Key Account Manager, Contentor

Jonas is one of the foremost names in the Scandinavian translation industry. He has founded and managed successful translation companies and managed the accounts of a number of major companies.

More than that, Jonas, who holds a master’s degree in Professional Translation from the University of Gothenburg, also has extensive experience working with AI and machine translation. Contentor view the synergy between human and technology as their next primary challenge and opportunity. We want Jonas to lead our venture into AI and human integration, and provide an efficient and unified experience to our customers.

Malin Borg, Key Account Manager

Malin Borg, Key Account Manager, Contentor

Malin brings with her a huge amount of B2B sales experience. She has turned the process of talking to the right person, about the right thing and at the right time into an art form. Her years of hands-on experience in the Swedish retail scene means she will always understand the needs and requirements of our retail and e-commerce customers.

“The hiring of people with the right blend of talent, values and cultural diversity will allow Contentor to create an agile ‘super team’ that will be able to enhance the company’s competitive advantage and solidify relationships with customers. Our ‘super team’ will be more than the sum of its parts.” – Rabie Salem

Other key hires over the past several months include:

Caroline Harring Larsen, Project Manager: Caroline, a master’s graduate from the Copenhagen Business School, was promoted from Contentor’s pool of talented copywriters and translators to strengthen the customer management process. She previously worked with Ericsson Broadcast & Media and several other content agencies.

Lotta Maan, Accounting Specialist: Lotta, a former Project Manager, returns to Contentor to lead the process of automating the company’s internal accounting.

Ratha Krishnan, Content Specialist: Ratha, an experienced digital and content marketing copywriter, was also promoted from Contentor’s pool of copywriters to provide support for the marketing department. Ratha has spent the last decade working with businesses, digital marketers and publishers from all over the world, from Singapore to New York. He has written and ghostwritten for online and offline publications including The Huffington Post and Yahoo.

Yulia Toropova, Marketing Assistant, lead generation: Yulia was brought in to provide marketing support.

“We are confident that our innovative business model, strong core team and multipronged initiatives under Rediscovering Contentor will help build our momentum and fuel our expansion over the coming years.” – Rabie Salem

Transformative restructuring  of project management and sales

Following an internal analysis of our existing processes, Contentor have launched a restructuring process that will help us to provide a more efficient and intelligent sales and ordering experience for our customers. The highlights of these changes include:

Customer Success Manager

Jalaica Liket, who joined Contentor as a project manager two years ago, will be promoted to the position of Customer Success Manager. Jalaica’s wealth of experience in project management, customer service and customer solutions will help us redefine how we think about sales and customer relationships. We aspire to create successful customers, because that will be a validation of our approach.

The creation of the Solutions Architect, Automation Engineer and Internal Business Developer positions

These innovative new positions are ground-breaking for copywriting and translation agencies. However, they are a natural evolution of Rediscovering Contentor’s automation with a human touch approach. They exemplify how we want to create the easiest, most seamless and most optimal solutions for e-commerce companies.

For the Solutions Architect and Automation Engineer positions, the logic is simple; by assigning tech experts in an operational role, customers will be able to involve their CTOs, e-com managers, and other IT personnel in the content creation process. This could potentially eliminate layers of communication and bureaucracy involving the marketing, sales and creative teams in both organisations.

The Internal Business Developer position, meanwhile, will ensure the value of all stakeholders and processes are always in optimal condition by using measurable internal KPIs. In a way, the position is akin to a business owner within a closed ecosystem.

Create a niche e-com focused Content Management Intelligence infrastructure

Our continuous engagement with e-commerce platforms and the companies and people behind them has provided us with insights on the type of innovations that are required to further enhance our automation offerings. We have engaged several experts to help us develop these solutions, including,


A technology company which focuses on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. They are currently analysing our workflows to help us improve our processes and offerings using AI.


We have made serious investments on our cloud infrastructure with Improove to develop a new Salesforce module which will improve time to market speed by 50-100%, reduce admin cost by up to 100% and boost SEO performance of product pages by five to ten times.


A software developer which offer the most advanced project management software around. They, alongside Contentor’s senior developers, have developed a new integration to Storm Commerce which enables direct content upload to customers’ e-commerce sites.

Invest in Skane

The official trade and investment promotion agency for Skane are currently exploring ways how they can help Contentor. They have been working with Contentor on Innovation Health, a process which helps Contentor identify and redefine their business model.

“We are confident that our innovative business model, strong core team and multipronged initiatives under Rediscovering Contentor will help build our momentum and fuel our expansion over the coming years.” – Rabie Salem


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