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Retail giant Orkla: “Important to dare to think big”

In 2018, the Orkla Group turned over almost NOK 41 billion (nearly £3.39 billion). An impressive number, to say the least. This makes the company the leading provider of brands and concept solutions within retail, pharmacy, bakery and catering in the Nordic countries. An important part of the secret to their success is to produce and deliver good content. We talked to Linda Strand, Content Producer at Orkla Health, about local markets, daring to think big and the importance of correct and adapted content.

Well-established brands in several areas

Orkla is a well-known company in Sweden as well as outside of it. Lately, they have come up with several successful products, and the chances are that you have one of them at home right now while reading this. With a combination of classic and modern products in several different areas, it has grown to currently own some of Sweden’s most popular brands. But how does a giant like Orkla work with content for such a diverse portfolio?

“We need to challenge ourselves and to be creative with our solutions”

Linda Strand, Content Producer at Orkla Health.

Linda Strand is Content Producer at Orkla Health’s newly launched Content Department. For 1.5 years, she and her colleagues have worked with SEO, content and social media in all of its different forms. She believes that good content is important regardless of the industry, but that it is especially important for Orkla to have content that reflects what they want to say to their customers. Since they offer a wide range of products and speak for many different brands, there is a lot of content that needs to be planned and produced.

Linda thinks that clear roles within the department and the courage to be creative with regards to her solutions are key factors for success, whether in the Nordic countries or around the world:

“We are at the beginning of our content journey. Our department is relatively new and we still have a lot to learn, but we regularly emphasise the importance of being creative with one’s solutions and daring to try new things.”

The right business partners simplify and improve

Anybody who has been part of a newly started department will tell you that it can take a while before finding one’s place. When asked what exactly Orkla Health’s content department excels at, Linda quickly responds:

“We focus on keyword-optimised content for our pages and we have the right people working with SEO, content, performance and social media, ensuring each area gets the full focus it needs and deserves.”

While Linda thinks that it is important to have competence in-house, she is also of the opinion that having the right business partners both simplifies and improves Orkla Health’s content:

“We are two people who work exclusively with content at Orkla Health and the collaboration with Contentor gives us leverage and makes it very easy for us to coordinate translations for the articles we write. This way, we reach the right people in the right language without any hassle.”

Think big and localise more

Evidently, working at a company as large as Orkla also has its own set of challenges. One of them is having customers in many different countries who expect correct, customised and localised content. Linda thinks that in cases such as this, it is important to think big and scalable:

“Producing content for many countries and local markets is definitely a challenge. It is important for us to think big on this point and, for instance, produce general content that we can then localise for the right market.”

Contentor helps Orkla Care Sweden to translate and localise content in several different languages. Click here to find out more about Orkla Care Sweden or contact us if you are curious about how we can help you with your content.


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