kreativ i ditt skrivande

Tips on how you can get more creative with your writing

When you work with text in different ways, like we do, it is easy to get stuck in a rut. It is also easy to become repetitive and for inspiration to dwindle at times. When this happens, creativity takes a real beating and everything can feel hopeless. We would not wish that feeling on anybody, which is why we have gathered our best tips on how to be more creative in your writing. Best of luck!


Change the scenery

The worst thing you can do when you are stuck is to literally be stuck. You need to go somewhere else, see something new, speak to somebody else to let your other senses get activated. Inspiration can find you in all manner of ways, and sometimes we bend over backwards thinking that we can squeeze every ounce out of ourselves. It doesn’t work quite like that. Sometimes, it can be enough to do something else for a moment, i. e. to take a break, and then return to the text. But sometimes you simply have to bring the text to an entirely different location. When you start to apply this technique, you will notice that it is rather pleasant!


Write about something completely different

When you are sitting down with your text in front of you, whatever it may look like, you can occasionally get blocked due to the format of the text. Let’s say that you are writing a blog post, like I am right now, then all the creativity can just seem to disappear, and it becomes difficult to write things the readers will like. Everything becomes bad because it feels like you have written it all before. At times like these, it might help to write a completely different type of text for a while, such as a poem or a book review – or why not a movie?

Limit yourself so you can open up

Sometimes freedom can suffocate when it comes to creativity. We fail to come up with ideas because we are constantly brought down by the fact that we could come up with anything. Sometimes free rein does more harm than good. Consequently, it may help to limit yourself and make up some rules for your writing. You might write a blog post without using the words “and” and “but”, for example. This way, you are forced to find new pathways in your writing, which in turn can open up for entirely new ideas.


Read a book

To open up your senses and let some inspiration in, sometimes it is necessary to focus on somebody else. Of course, you should never copy other people’s work, but that is not what this is about. By reading a book, for example, you can see how other people use the language and build their sentences. This is also an enjoyable way of finding inspiration and increasing creativity.


Dare to fail

The last tip is also the most clichéed. We know that everybody will tell you this, but when it comes to creativity in particular, we are all very much governed by our own thoughts and limitations. That is why it is especially important not to be too hard on yourself but to allow yourself to fail. At the very least, you should reconcile yourself to the fact that not all sentences can be winners…


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