Are you interested in joining our team, but still have some questions? Read through our answers on popular questions or contact us at if you do not find answers to your questions on this page.

Should I have a specific degree or certificate to work with Contentor?

We work with language enthusiasts and support a creative, flexible and borderless work environment.

Please keep in mind that we do not work with authorised translations.

What is the procedure to become a writer/translator at Contentor?

In order to become a member of the ever-growing team of writers at Contentor, you have to undergo an evaluation process to make sure that your work matches the standards we set.

  1. Fill out an application to be a writer/translator
  2. If we decide to continue with your application, as a part of the conditions of employment, you will need to go through our language assessment process. You will receive a short test that you would need to complete in the language you applied for. So, for example, if you applied as a writer specialised in Norwegian, you write your test assignment in Norwegian.
  3. If you successfully pass our assessment test, we sign a contract and NDA agreement with you.
  4. After all the documents are in order, you become part of our global team of content creators. 

When will you answer my application?

We truly appreciate your interest in working with us. However, due to the volume of applications, please note that Contentor may not respond to all applicants. We will get back to you when:

  • A suitable project becomes available
  • We are actively recruiting for a specific skillset
  • We want to expand our language pool

Would I work full-time? 

Here at Contentor, we work with project-based contracts. What this means for you as a writer/translator is that you have the freedom to accept or decline any assignment that we offer you. It also means that we cannot guarantee a certain amount of work per week/month. However, a significant number of our writers and translators work full-time/near full-time with us. 

I’m fluent in several languages. Can I apply to be a multilingual writer/translator?

Please note that the language you apply for should be your mother tongue. However, if you are bilingual and feel that your second (or third language) is on the same level as your native language, there is always an opportunity for you to take the assessment test in multiple languages. You would then, if approved, also be able to work with those languages.

How much would I earn? 

Contentor offers competitive pay for your work. The exact salary varies depending on the assignment and the complexity level.  If we decide to continue with your application you will receive an information package with more details. Make sure to send in your application as a writer/translator

What kind of texts would I write/translate?

We translate and write mostly for e-commerce businesses. This means that you would be writing/translating product descriptions, newsletters, blog posts and other texts for the web.

How do I pay my taxes if I work for Contentor? 

If you pay taxes in Sweden, we will take care of taxes and social costs for you. We will apply 30% side employment tax rate unless you inform us otherwise. 

If you pay your taxes elsewhere, you need to take care of your taxes and other social costs on your own. We recommend that you contact your Tax Office as soon as possible to figure out if you should pay taxes when you receive your salary or retroactively when you know how much you will be earning over the year. 

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