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As an e-commerce business, it should be easy to order translations of high quality. That’s at least what we at Contentor believe. With the help of our API and our modules, you can send, collect and publish your online texts directly into your e-commerce platform or your CMS system. Great texts made easy!

From a Single Line to Thousands of Words – with Minimal Administration

It’s common practice to need to put in some administrative grunt work when you set out to translate a web shop. Firstly, you normally have to collect the texts that are going to be translated. Secondly, after you’ve emailed them and waited for the result to be returned, you have to paste the translations from an Excel file into the correct page on your e-commerce website.

With Contentor GO! you’re able forget those time-consuming administrative bothers. You won’t have to export files and bother with copy-pasting everything. Contentor GO! enables you to send anything from a single line to thousands of words, fully integrated and tailored to your specific needs. We want our customers to focus less on administration, and more on running an e-commerce business. We solve your problems with the help of our integration that can either be made and connected directly to our API or done through our modules (such as our module for the e-commerce platform Magento).

Seamless Translations Save You Money and Time

Contentor GO! relieves the administrative work for our clients. Simultaneously, our integration creates a faster flow on Contentor’s webpage. A fully integrated client orders texts and translations when the need arises, and gets them back as soon as they’ve been proofread. This is the very heart of an efficient process to suit your textual needs.

An automated and seamless flow provides a plethora of unbeatable advantages. With the help of our integration, you’re able to set up and connect to fully automated flows directly from your e-commerce platform, CMS or PIM. A published article triggers an order to Contentor which is then proofread by our team and automatically sent back to you for publication. This creates simple yet efficient workflows with minimal administration. And if you ask us: this is a prerequisite for a truly profitable business.

Modules - Boost Your Start

With the goal to kick your start with Contentor GO!, we offer modules/plug-ins/extensions that connect to a multitude of platforms. We currently have modules for Magento, Magento 2 and Prestashop as well as projects with WooCommerce, amongst others. Get in touch with us if you want to take a closer look at the possibilities and solutions we can offer to your current platform, CMS or PIM-system.

The development happens in-house and we look after and continuously advance our API and modules. Why? Simply because we want you to feel satisfied with our solutions. We listen intently and it’s common practice that we work together with our clients when we launch a new functionality. In addition, we have continuous chats and dialogues with both existing and potential clients concerning their specific needs in regards to our technical solutions.

Installation, Implementation and Support

At Contentor, we’re always here for our customers. Service is sincerely the cornerstone of our business and operations. Whether for technical support or the implementation of our API, installation and configuration of a module, we’re here to assist you with our time and competence.

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Want to know more about our technology? Read about our documentation of our API and Magento module.

Contentor API

Contentor API är den tekniska motorn som driver Contentor GO! Med vårt API kan du skicka och ta emot textbeställningar, versionshantera dina texter, alltid ha full kontroll över dina beställningar – allt från din egen backend.

Grafisk bild i grönt. Bilden visar ett moln och det står "Localization API Integration"


Kom snabbt och enkelt igång med Contentors API. Beställ översättningar och innehåll direkt från din backend, antingen i bulk eller enskilda texter, och publicera automatiskt när texterna korrekturlästs.

Grafisk bild i blått med ett moln och det står "Contentor", "Localization API Integration"

Magento 2

Kom snabbt och enkelt igång med Contentor GO! Beställ översättningar och innehåll direkt från din backend, antingen i bulk eller enskilda texter, och publicera automatiskt när texterna korrekturlästs.

Orange bild med grafisk symbol med ett moln. "Localization API Integration"


Kom snabbt och enkelt igång med Contentors API! Beställ översättningar och innehåll direkt från din backend, antingen i bulk eller enskilda texter, och publicera automatiskt när texterna korrekturlästs.

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