Translation: Best Practices

Our API or Magento and PrestaShop plugins will get you started with Contentor GO! But before you place your first text order, or automate Contentor services, it may be wise to think through a few our translation best practices. Here we list a few tips for translation work and API implementation.



  • Tone of Voice
    Make sure Contentor knows how you want to express yourself and which audiences you’re addressing with your text. If you don’t have your company’s tone of voice written down, you might want to formulate a simple description.
  • Guidelines
    Are there specific glossaries, structures or other guidelines you need us to follow? Ensure that these are communicated clearly, as it will improve the quality of the work completed.
  • Keywords
    Share with us your keyword strategy. If they are used in general or at the category level, they can also be supported in the product texts.
  • Context
    Do you have any valuable data that can help our translators get a better picture of your needs? Examples may be the URL, image links, tags, or keywords.
  • Communication
    We strive to make all of our customers satisfied customers. We are open to continuous dialogue and ask that you do not hesitate to let us know of your great experiences, or opportunities for us to improve our services to you.
  • Express
    Contentor also offers express delivery. Make sure you specify your needs for both regular orders and for the occasions when express service is required.


  • File Format
    We are able to handle most markup and markdown formats. Be clear which format you use, to reduce the risk of possible reformatting. For example, it can be difficult to distinguish HTML and XHTML during ongoing work. But if you can let us know if you use shortcode or placeholders that are formatted in a special way, we can better guarantee a prompt delivery.
  • File Format and Structure
    We can support work in most file formats, such as Excel and CSV. It’s important that you as a customer can specify what file format you expect for your delivery, as it is important to keep consistency with text structures and formatting.
  • Character Code
    We typically work with UTF-8 character code. Please clarify if you use a different character code before we begin any orders.
  • Attributes
    When placing or automating an order, you should specify which attributes need to be translated in your markup. Typically, we translate all HTML attributes, but there are also custom attributes that should be clearly noted.
  • Links
    During translation work, we usually translate anchor text but not url, src, or href attributes since we do not know how these will look in the new web page. Therefore, please ensure that you provide quality assurance of links, or give clear instructions on how to handle these links in translation.



  • Field
    The order of text fields that a request contains is also the order in which we present the text to translators, writers, and proofreaders. Because of this, please consider a good logical order for context. For example, it can be considered logical to write a long description before a short one, for translation purposes, even though they may be utilised in reverse order once they are published.
  • Save Reference ID
    When you submit an order request, you will receive an ID from our platform. Save this reference ID so that you may later enable version management, or retrieve specific text data.
  • Version Management
    When possible, update text in the platform rather than importing it manually. This way we can track changes and updates with data. Import is better suited for when a text is not to be translated, only edited.
  • Hints
    Using Hints makes it possible to limit a text’s length or send us other specifications for a text field. These hints ensure immediate accuracy and correctness.
  • Context
    Ensure that our writers get the best basis for accurate writing, translating, or proofreading by providing them with as much contextual information as possible.


  • Configurations
    Please review your configuration options with a Contentor representative. This will ensure that you have the right conditions to get a high quality and smooth workflows from the start.
  • Associated Products
    Our plugin supports associated products according to Magento standards. Feel free to explain to us how you will use Contentor GO!, so that we can guide you to the best solution. If necessary, the plugin allows for the ability to enter custom methods.
  • Attributes
    How do you handle product attributes today? Adding colour and other features as attributes can simplify translation, especially with regard to associated products.
  • URL Slugs
    Don’t forget to translate each URL slug, so that they are localised for each of your markets. Ensure that your URL slug is not global (which early Magento versions had as default when installed).
  • Picture Gallery
    Please provide captions to your requests on images. If you need assistance for this aspect of your order, we will gladly guide you.
  • Attribute List
    We don’t currently have the capabilities to handle attribute lists through our plugins, but a possible solution is to export a list and email it directly to Contentor.
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Automated workflows

Custom integration allows you to conveniently have content creation and translation features on your digital platform: you can send, collect, and publish online texts directly on your e-commerce platform or CMS with just one click… and sometimes even less.

Skip long email conversations, exporting files, and copy-pasting everything. Use the power of automation to deliver your content directly to our project management team. Once this happens, Contentor takes care of everything.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

The e-commerce market demands unique texts. Therefore, we place great emphasis on ensuring that the texts do not resemble other texts on the internet, and that each translation completed for you is original. We ensure this in addition to providing consistent and high quality texts, as well as creating a methodology that allows for as little manual administration as possible.

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