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Contentor GO! integrates directly with the back-end of your PrestaShop platform for improved processes in text and translation creation, for e-commerce products and pages. Contentor’s API enables boundless content management with minimal administration.


Contentor API in PrestaShop

The PrestaShop plugin applies the functionality of Contentor GO! seamlessly with your e-commerce platform dashboard. Contentor GO! is ready to be used immediately through a simple installation process, so that you can begin automating orders for text translations as soon as possible.

We aim to continuously develop both our Contentor API and corresponding plugins, so that you can be sure to always have a working interface with the latest updates and features. As a Prestashop user, you automate the services provided by Contentor through your platform. In this way you can spend less time on creating orders, and more time focusing on other aspects of your e-commerce business.

Simplify Your Translations

The Contentor GO! interface simplifies the text and content production ordering process and allows you to set up automatic workflows for content publishing. With optimised configuration, you save valuable time spent on administrative work for ordering and processing web text. The result is improved efficiency and a noticeably shortened time-to-market for your e-commerce pages.

Configure your plugin to publish products for new marketplaces the moment the finalised text is received from Contentor, or automate orders for new products and new markets to reduce waiting time or missing texts needing to be translated.


Follow these three simple steps to get started. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice or support in the installation process.

  1. Documentation of the plugin and the API. The documentation can be found here.
  2. Install the API. The plugin can be installed via Prestashop’s module handler.
  3. Configure the Plugin. Have a look at the documentation or contact us if you need help with the configuration.


If you need any assistance regarding regarding implementation, configuration, or best practice issues, you can contact us directly at or fill out a contact form here on our webpage.

Key Features

  • Translations of product texts
  • Version management
  • Automatic import of localised products
  • Send context with orders
  • Full order overview
  • Login to individual product/category page
Illustration över ett API:s funktion

Automated workflows

Custom integration allows you to conveniently have content creation and translation features on your digital platform: you can send, collect, and publish online texts directly on your e-commerce platform or CMS with just one click… and sometimes even less.

Skip long email conversations, exporting files, and copy-pasting everything. Use the power of automation to deliver your content directly to our project management team. Once this happens, Contentor takes care of everything.

Contentor API

Contentor API is the technical engine that runs our Contentor GO! plugin. With the help of our API, you can send and receive your orders, deal with the different versions of your texts and maintain control of your orders – everything from your own back-end.

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