Customer testimonial: Addnature

“Straight away Contentor left a good and personable impression, and they have been very easy and smooth to work with.” – Anton Hällström, Addnature

About the assignment

“We needed a partner who could translate our texts, and felt that Contentor was trustworthy and reliable.”

Anton Hällström from digital marketing says that Addnature has a large amount of content which they write themselves.

“We possess expertise in our areas of production, so we write our content personally. We need help, however, with translation,” he says.

One of Contentor’s big advantages, Anton believes, is speed and flexibility.

“For us it’s been a big plus to be able to choose the automatic order system in some cases, and at other times to email content personally. That flexibility is, in my eyes, Contentor’s big strength,” he concludes.

Customer: Addnature

Addnature has everything for adventure and the outdoor life. Everything from equipment to shoes, as well as clothing for those who do more advanced outdoor activities, and those who want good and comfortable activewear.

Anton Hällström works with digital marketing at Addnature.
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