Customer testimonial: Bythjul

“Our cooperation with Contentor can be described in three words: simple, fast and reliable. It has worked very well for us and we are extremely satisfied.” –  Philip Carlsson, Bythjul

About the assignment

When they launched in the other Nordic countries, Swedish company Bythjul needed a translation agency, so they contacted Contentor.

“We have written the Swedish content ourselves, but gave the translation work to Contentor,” says Philip Carlsson, head of marketing at Bythjul.

The commission has involved content about products, as well as landing pages, press releases, articles and SEO texts.

“It’s important that we maintain a high and consistent quality in all our countries, and through using Contentor we feel we can ensure a certain level of quality.”

In Contentor’s magazine, Philip Carlsson talks about an industry governed by seasonal change, mobile workshops and goals for the future.

Customer: Bythjul has been selling tires and rims online since 2002 in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Today the company has 25 employees and is among the biggest in its industry online.

Philip Carlsson, Marketing Manager, Bythjul.
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