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“Localised content is extremely important in creating the best possible experience for the customer on the site. From the very beginning, we did not want the language to become a barrier when shopping with us,” Annika Krause, Nordic Nest


Nordic Nest is the one-stop-shop for everything Scandinavian interior design. The company offers designs from over 250 brands, and customers are treated to a selection that ranges from iconic classics to more contemporary styles.

With an online shop that is available in ten languages, Nordic Nest was looking for a partner that could not only translate websites but also handle all the required language combinations. Contentor was able to offer translation services for all the required languages, and a partnership was born.

Together with Contentor, Nordic Nest has produced translated, localised copy that plays a pivotal role in creating a stellar consumer experience for Nordic Nest customers.

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About the company

Nordic Nest was founded in 2002, but it wasn’t known by this name until 2019. The design company was formerly known as Scandinavian Design Center internationally and in Sweden. Despite the rebranding, Nordic Nest’s concept remains unchanged – the company’s goal is to offer premium Scandinavian interior design to customers all over the world.

Today, Nordic Nest boasts a curated portfolio of over 30,000 items and a customer base that spans over 70 countries worldwide. The company’s portfolio is continuously expanding, and clients have come to know Nordic Nest as the number one destination for the best of Scandinavian design that helps them create homes to love.


The e-commerce sphere is characterised by tough competition. Building brand awareness and catching the attention of new customers can be particularly hard. Nonetheless, creating content that is personalised for a new geographical market remains one of the best ways to get new customers to engage with your brand and ultimately, convert into customers.

Nordic Nest recognised the importance of localised content in creating optimal customer experiences. According to the company’s International Sales Manager, Annika Krause:

“Localised content is extremely important in creating the best possible experience for the customer on the site. From the very beginning, we wanted to make Scandinavian interior design available around the globe and did not want the language to become a barrier when shopping with us. On top of translating, we take cultural differences and legal aspects into consideration when working with our international sites.”

Nordic Nest has experience working with a combination of both in-house and external translations. This mix provides the perfect balance of efficiency and flexibility. However, when it came to localising content, finding the right partner was not just a matter of figuring out how to translate a website or picking any translation agency. It was about partnering with an agency that provides specialised services, combining copywriting services with translations in various languages.

Annika explains:

“As we currently have our shop available in ten languages, we were looking for a partner that could handle all required language combinations for us.”


Gaining a competitive edge in e-commerce operations hinges on efficient processes. For Nordic Nest, optimising the efficiency of content creation and translation processes has involved balancing in-house content with outsourcing. Last-minute translations and specific wordings that require discussion and multiple revisions are kept in-house. Bulk copy that can be planned is outsourced to Contentor.

Leveraging Contentor’s extensive e-commerce and copywriting agency experience has proven invaluable in creating product descriptions and content that prioritises customer experience.

The collaboration with Contentor means that the focus is not solely on copywriting and translation or adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to content creation. Content is created in a way that is reflective of the needs of each particular market segment.

As a result, Contentor has helped Nordic Nest foster personal customer connections that would otherwise be missing with generalised content. The localisation of content has also played an important role in enhancing customer satisfaction, as Annika has noted:

“Translated, localised copy reduces friction in the purchasing experience on the site. Trust is a vital part of our business model, which is why a reliable, easy-to-navigate site is an extremely important component in the customer experience for us.”

The e-commerce industry is content-oriented – quality, localisation and content marketing are must-haves for customer acquisition and retention. Teaming up with Contentor for almost two years has made it easier for Nordic Nest to reach and engage with different customer segments in different markets.

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The partnership between Contentor and Nordic Nest has generated several benefits:

  • Efficient workflows that improve processes
  • Consistent translations that help maintain brand messaging
  • The ability to scale and level-up quickly when needed

Content creation and translation processes are time-consuming, and they can easily throw other business operations out of balance. In addition to providing more freedom and flexibility, outsourcing part of the content translation and localisation to Contentor has helped Nordic Nest maintain a balance in business operations.

The company can afford to tackle other operational and customer experience aspects that increase brand growth. In conclusion, Annika Krause has highlighted the benefits of outsourcing work to a reliable content creator.

“Outsourcing part of our translation lets us concentrate on other aspects of the customer experience both on- and off-site, as well as streamline our workflow.”

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