Customer testimonial: Partykungen

Partykungen has adopted Contentor’s API. “Our cooperation with Contentor feels secure and simple. Our development teams have worked closely, giving results that we’re very satisfied with.” – Caroliné Johansson, Norway director

About the assignment

Partykungen turned to Contentor to get help with translation of their content when it was time to launch their Norwegian e-shop. Caroliné Johansson, who speaks Norwegian, wrote some of it herself but needed assistance because it was a large and wide-ranging job.

“Everything went smoothly, which we are very thankful for. As an online shop without a corresponding physical shop, we are very vulnerable if our online communication doesn’t work properly,” says Caroliné.

The translations worked smoothly via the API

Now, Partykungen sends material for translation to Contentor on a near daily basis. The integration with Contentor’s API has made the orders simple and flexible. The online editors at Partykungen write, and Contentor translates.

“We are extremely satisfied, and estimate that 1,600,000 words have been translated so far,” says Caroliné.

In Contentor’s magazine, Caroliné Johansson talks about the company’s growth and effort in the Norwegian market.

Customer: Partykungen

Sweden-based Partykungen offers a large and varied selection of party costumes, party products and fun presents. In 2016, an online shop was also started in Norway.

Caroliné Johansson, External markets manager at Partykungen
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