Customer testimonial: Räckesbutiken

“We are extremely satisfied with Contentor. The setup was smooth and flexible. There are no bad points at all.” – Andreas Wedberg, Räckesbutiken

About the assignment

Contentor has ongoing responsibility for Räckesbutiken’s Finnish homepage. That involves small updates and adding text as new functions are added. And the small-scale work is something that Andreas Wedberg, CEO and co-founder of Räckesbutiken, appreciates:

“Traditional translation companies want to work with large volumes of text. With Contentor, we can send just a few sentences and get a good translation back when we need it.”

The quality and adaptation of text specifically for the Finnish market is, according to Andreas Wedberg, also important for Räckesbutiken. He explains:

“If an English word pops up, it causes uncertainty for our customers about which service is available. So quick fixes and temporary solutions are not what we want: we need to have texts which create credibility and competence. And we get that from Contentor.”

Customer: Räckesbutiken

Räckesbutiken offers custom-made railing products in glass, aluminium and stainless steel. With a simple design and order process, they make sure that you can get stylish railings adapted exactly for your home.

Man in glasses wearing a grey jacket
Andreas Wedberg, Räckesbutiken.
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