Customer testimonial: Viva Media

“We need a versatile partner who can adapt quickly to every assignment.” – Ricky Petterson, Viva Media.

About the assignment

“We were after a supplier of texts and translations which was up-to-date with how an effective and good text is written to benefit both visitors and search engines.”

Ricky Pettersson, Head of SEO, tells how Viva Media chose to cooperate with Contentor to produce extremely varied texts for various target groups – in both translation and copywriting assignments.

“We need a versatile partner who can adapt quickly to every assignment.”

A big advantage with Contentor, Ricky believes, is the fast and flexible service.

“We were aiming for a close cooperation between our specialists and Contentor’s writers and translators, so that we could quickly adjust and fine-tune content for maximum effect.”

Customer: Viva Media

Viva Media is one of the Nordic countries’ biggest digital marketing agencies. With a focus on results, they offer services in areas such as web analysis, search engines, display, social media and web production – all tailored to the customer’s needs.

Ricky Pettersson, Head of SEO at Viva Media.
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