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Texts Tailored Specifically to E-commerce

Are you looking for a seamless text solution for your e-commerce business? That’s exactly what we at Contentor do, and we do it well. We offer exceptional and economic content for Swedish and international agents within e-commerce.

With a strong, creative and versatile team of more than 400 writers worldwide, we provide anything and everything from product texts for blogs, newsletters and search engine optimised (SEO) texts. We know text. Let us help you prosper online.

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The process of translating a text entails a lot more than simply translating word for word. Here at Contentor, we ensure that your translated texts supersede mediocrity and being merely understandable. We make sure the end result is superb.

We like to refer to ourselves as the number one gateway to the Nordics, as the core of our operations still lies within the Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish languages. In addition to our Scandinavian heritage, we currently work most other European languages and employ a pool of translators who can guarantee a ‘native touch’ on your project.

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Contentor GO!

Contentor GO! is our innovative platform for Contentor customers to manage their e-commerce text all in one place. Automate text and translation work through our flagship platform integration. With our API and plugins, you can quickly and conveniently send, download and publish your web texts directly in your e-commerce platform or CMS. Great texts made easy!

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