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Serial entrepreneur Sofia Franzén new Business Director for content marketing

Sofia Franzén, former CEO at Drivhuset at Malmö University, becomes Business Director for content marketing at Contentor.

Contentor is growing with content marketing

”I’ve really appreciated my time at Drivhuset in Malmö. It has been rewarding to work with young people who want to realize their business ideas, but I’ve also been missing running companies myself and have been longing to work with fast growing companies again, ” Sofia comments the decision to move on.

Contentor increased sales by 40 percent during the last fiscal year and was named ”Gasellföretag 2017″ by Dagens Industri. On August 31, the company closed its fiscal year with a turnover for 2016/2017 of SEK 16.5 million (1 724 000 €). Together with the sister company Contentor Marketing the Contentor Group reached a turnover of SEK 18 million SEK (1 880 500 €).

With the recruitment of Sofia Franzén as Business Director, Content Marketing AB is merging with the sister company Contentor AB. The former CEO, Linnea Vikbrant, has been recruited by the startup Fieldly, where she will focus on thought leadership.

Passionate about scaling and making companies grow

Sofia Franzén has extensive experience working with startup companies and is passionate about how to grow companies. Content and communication plays a crucial role in ensuring that companies achieve their vision and growth goals she says:

“Entrepreneurs easily gets blinded by technology and think technology will be the success of itself, but without content that can communicate with the customer, it can be hard to reach out.”

At Contentor Marketing, Sofia will scale up the business that today focuses on subscription-based editorial services.

”My strength lies in building companies. But I’m also driven by getting people to work together in strong teams.”

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