Contentor Magento 2

With the power of Contentor’s API, you can order translations and content directly from your Magento 2 Contentor GO! back-end. Automatically publish products in new markets the moment your ordered texts are finalised.

Contentor API in Magento

The Magento 2 plugin applies the functionality of Contentor GO! directly into your platform’s back-end. With a simple installation process, you can begin to use Contentor GO!, as needed, to order and publish texts directly to your site.

We strive to continuously develop both the Contentor GO! API and the plugins, so you can feel confident in the reliability and comprehensiveness of our features. We work to provide our users with the capabilities for streamlined content management, and optimised processes for text creation. As a Magento user, you can use Contentor GO!’s innovative text version management services. In this way, you can ensure that text content for specific products can be updated for individual markets–to drive quality business across each corresponding marketplace that your business operates.

Automate, Automate, Automate

The Contentor API plugin for Magento allows you to set up automatic workflows for your on-page text and translation needs. When correctly configured, this feature saves tedious administrative time, and provides for an improved efficiency in text production and publishing through automation. With workflows you can:

  • Allow the plugin to publish product texts for new markets at the same time as texts are delivered from Contentor. Products can then display without manual handling, or waiting time.
  • Create automatic orders when new products are created or loaded into the Magento system. When implemented correctly, it can minimize time spent on manually placing orders. Additionally, a proper implementation ensures that no texts are forgotten or left waiting unnecessarily.


Here you can find the full documentation as well as good tips on how to get started.

  1. Documentation of the plugin and the API. The documentation can be found here.
  2. Install the API. The plugin is installed through a composer and can be found at the Magento Marketplace.
  3. Configure the Plugin. Your plugin will be configured before it is ready to be used. The developer documentation will guide you through configuration, but we are always on hand for support.


We are happy to help, in case you need any assistance regarding implementation, configuration, or best practice issues. Find us at Magento Marketplace where you will always have the latest version of the plugin.

Contact us directly at or fill out a contact form here on our webpage.

Key Features

  • Translations of product texts
  • Version management
  • Automatic import of localised products
  • Auto enable on import
  • Send context with orders
  • Full order overview
  • Login to individual product/category page
  • Report overview for order status
Illustration över ett API:s funktion

Automated workflows

Custom integration allows you to conveniently have content creation and translation features on your digital platform: you can send, collect, and publish online texts directly on your e-commerce platform or CMS with just one click… and sometimes even less.

Skip long email conversations, exporting files, and copy-pasting everything. Use the power of automation to deliver your content directly to our project management team. Once this happens, Contentor takes care of everything.

Contentor API

Contentor API is the technical engine that runs our Contentor GO! plugin. With the help of our API, you can send and receive your orders, deal with the different versions of your texts and maintain control of your orders – everything from your own back-end.

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